Mario Limone


It was 1970, when Mario Limone, who bore the essence of his land written in his surname, Sorrento, decided to devote his working life to perfumery and to the promotion of his home country.

Sorrento, with its scents, the perfume of the sea and the citrus, lemon and orange trees, which spread their essences through the streets of the city and have been captured to be taken everywhere with the scents Sublimo and Assaje.

It is 2014 and Gino and Maurizio, Mario's sons, carry on the brand Mario Limone Profumi di Sorrento through the design and creation of two fragrances born from the beauty and aromas of the Land of the Sirens.

The production process

Mario Limone Profumi di Sorrento inspired by the wonders of Sorrento, the nature, the sea and their essence, offers to those who choose Sublimo and Assaje not just two perfumes but the thrill to carry the memories of a place.

The production follows the traditional methods of fragrance creation. All steps are done by hand and the real protagonists, lemons, are processed to preserve their extract and their intensity.

The encounter with the "nose"

Mario Limone scents born from the uniqueness of Sorrento and merge with it through an unbreakable bond. Essences, flavors and smells of nature match harmonically to become exclusive fragrances, like the people who wear them.
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